With over 2000 days on Wyoming waters, it's obvious we love what we do! We fish over a dozen tournaments a year and love winning! Our experienced guides are addicted to the sport of walleye fishing. They have been jigging and rigging their way to the top of their game for over 20 years. Our guides are some of the most talented anglers Wyoming has to offer. Young Wyoming anglers often begin their fishing career with a fly rod in hand catching blue ribbon trout on the North Platte River system. For most Wyoming fisherman the first tug of a trout becomes their drug! However most of these fisherman grow up having never caught a walleye!

Why should you go fishing with us?

Now we're dragging bottom bouncers and pulling crank baits in all of Wyoming's reservoirs in search of a trophy strike. At first the walleye were few and far between with most of our time being spent on the hunt for these elusive predators and figuring out how to entice a bite but now we've honed our skills and the walleye have no where to hide! Want to catch walleye? Call us, we'll show you what you need to know.