Spend Your Weekend Fishing on Glendo Lake

Look to us for walleye fishing on Glendo Lake in Casper, WY

Not only is Glendo Lake a beautiful retreat, but it's also a famous spot for bass, perch and walleye fishing. If you'd like to go walleye fishing on Glendo Lake, turn to Recycled Eyez Walleye Guides in Casper, WY. We'll teach you everything you need to know to reel in a big catch. Our guides will go over trolling, jigging, bottom-bouncing and using crankbaits.

As a state park, you'll need to pay a fee to be on the lake daily. Find out more about our walleye fishing rates on Glendo Lake by contacting us now.

For More information on permit fees and reservations, click here

Glendo Lake is the perfect place for those who love the outdoors

If you like spending time outdoors, you'll love our guided fishing tour near Glendo Lake. While you're at the lake, you can enjoy other fun activities like hiking or swimming.

Do you want a place to lodge for the night? We're partnered with a marina where you can stay for only $95 a night. Call 307-315-1627 today to learn more about our guided fishing tours near Glendo Lake.